This is probably the most known condition. Micropenis is a really small penis. And when I say small I mean super small! According to the medical definition any penis smaller than 9 cm (about 3.5 inches) falls under the micropenis. Sometimes the condition occurs by itself, however due its hormonal causes it is often accompanied by other conditions like hypospadias. When the condition occurs alone the penis works 100 % like any other penis. It can have erections, it can urinate and of course ejaculate. It just is abnormally small making intercourse very difficult or even impossible. There are men outhere that their micropenis is only 3 cm (barely an inch) when erect ! It is probably on of the most common male genital condition with about 1 incidence in every 200 males! The condition is also known as microphallus!

You can read more about the condition over  wikipedia, micropenis .info and see some micropenis pictures here. The last site also has some videos from other sites as well


Weird name for a weird , surely not the weirdest, male condition. Men with hypospadias have a misplaced urethra usually on the underside of the glans! It is relatively uncommon as it occurs in about 4 individuals per 1000 newborn childs. The causes behind the condition are for the time being unknown however it is in some cases hereditary. On of the most common complications of hypospadias is difficulty to urinate!

To read more about hypospadias click here, and here are some hypospadias images from wikipedia commons


I decided to start with my favorite strange male condition, Diphallia.

As the name suggests diphallia is all about having two penis! The condition is extremely rare with about 1 case in each 5,5 million males born. Typically it is accompanied by other congenital anomalies like renal, vertebral, hindgut or anorectal duplication. Men with diphallia are usually sterile. In some cases only the one out the two is the dominant penis and it is that one for urinating. However in other cases urine is passed from both of them!

Here are some diphallia images from a random forum (although some are probably fake) and a link to wikipedia if you want to read more about it.
And here is a video from youtube!